James Tanner Chicken and Ham Pie Recipe

If you’ve been searching for a hearty and comforting dish to elevate your dinner table, James Tanner’s Chicken and Ham Pie recipe might just be the perfect fit.

The combination of succulent chicken, savory ham, and rich creamy sauce creates a flavor profile that will have your taste buds keenly anticipating each bite.

But there’s a secret ingredient in this recipe that takes it to the next level, promising to surprise and delight your senses.

Key Takeaways

  • Marinate chicken and ham with herbs, seasonings for flavor.
  • Create a creamy sauce using roux, milk, for richness.
  • Layer meat mixture in pastry, bake until golden.
  • Serve with mashed potatoes, green beans, and wine.
James Tanner Chicken and Ham Pie Recipe
James Tanner Chicken and Ham Pie Recipe

Ingredients Needed for the Recipe

To make James Tanner’s Chicken and Ham Pie, you’ll need a variety of ingredients that come together to create a delicious and comforting dish. When it comes to ingredient substitutions, feel free to swap out the chicken for turkey if you prefer a different meat option. Cooking techniques play a vital role in this recipe; make sure the chicken and ham are cooked to perfection before assembling the pie.

For recipe variations, consider adding a touch of Dijon mustard to the creamy sauce for an extra flavor kick. Experiment with different herbs like thyme or rosemary to elevate the taste profile of the dish. Flavor profiles can be adjusted by incorporating smoked ham for a richer taste or using a mix of different cheeses to enhance the overall savory experience.

Preparing the Chicken and Ham

For best flavor and tenderness, marinate the chicken and ham in a blend of herbs and seasonings before cooking. To start, cut the chicken into bite-sized pieces and place them in a bowl. Add a mixture of olive oil, minced garlic, chopped thyme, salt, and pepper. Toss the chicken well to make sure it’s evenly coated, then cover and refrigerate for at least 30 minutes to let the flavors meld together.

Meanwhile, prepare the ham by boiling it in a pot of water until it’s cooked through. Once done, let it cool before dicing it into small chunks. The combination of marinated chicken and diced ham will bring a delicious depth of flavor to your pie.

Marinating the chicken infuses it with the aromatic herbs, while boiling the ham ensures it’s tender and juicy. These simple steps elevate the taste of the pie filling, promising a mouthwatering result. Get ready to move on to the next step of making the creamy sauce that will bring all the components together in a harmonious blend of flavors.

Making the Creamy Sauce

To make the creamy sauce for your chicken and ham pie, start by creating a roux for thickening.

Whisk in milk gradually to achieve a smooth texture.

Don’t forget to season with a pinch of salt to enhance the flavors.

James Tanner Chicken and Ham Pie Recipe
James Tanner Chicken and Ham Pie Recipe

Roux for Thickening

Achieve a velvety texture in your creamy sauce by preparing a roux with butter and flour. This thickening technique involves cooking equal parts of flour and butter until they form a smooth paste.

The key to a perfect roux lies in achieving the right consistency – a paste-like texture that doesn’t clump. If your roux looks too runny, add more flour; if it’s too thick, incorporate more butter. Troubleshooting tips include ensuring the butter is melted before adding the flour and cooking the roux over low heat to prevent burning.

While a roux is a classic method, alternative options like cornstarch or arrowroot powder can also be used for thickening, each offering a slightly different texture to your sauce.

Whisking in Milk

Whisk the milk into the roux gradually, incorporating it slowly to create a smooth and creamy sauce. When whisking, focus on the technique to make certain the sauce comes together perfectly. The consistency of the milk is essential here; it should be added in a steady stream while continuously whisking to avoid lumps. The goal is to achieve a silky texture that will complement the chicken and ham filling beautifully.

Whisking TechniqueMilk Consistency
Use a gentle hand while whisking to blend the milk and roux smoothly.The milk should be at room temperature for easier blending and to prevent clumping.
Whisk in a circular motion, making sure to reach the edges of the pan.Aim for a velvety consistency, neither too thick nor too thin.
Take your time to make certain the sauce is well incorporated and free of any floury taste.Adjust the milk quantity based on the desired thickness of the sauce.

Seasoning With Salt

Start by enhancing the flavor of your creamy sauce by carefully seasoning it with salt, ensuring a well-balanced taste that will elevate the overall dish. Here are some tips to guide you through this important step:

  1. Salt Alternatives: Experiment with different salt alternatives like sea salt, kosher salt, or flavored salts to add depth to your sauce while exploring various flavor profiles.

  2. Health Benefits: Opt for Himalayan pink salt or low-sodium options to reduce sodium intake without compromising taste, promoting better heart health and overall well-being.

  3. Over Seasoning Risks: Be mindful of over-seasoning, as it can overpower the other ingredients; taste as you go and adjust based on your preferences to strike the perfect balance.

Assembling the Pie

Now it’s time to bring together all the delicious components you’ve prepared for your chicken and ham pie.

Layer your pastry dough, generously fill it with the flavorful meat mixture, and expertly seal it before popping it into the oven.

This step is where the magic happens, as the pie comes together to create a comforting and satisfying dish that will surely impress your taste buds.

Get ready to savor the hearty goodness that awaits inside that golden, flaky crust!

Layer Pastry Dough

For a delectable James Tanner Chicken and Ham Pie, the next step involves layering the pastry dough to assemble the pie. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Rolling out: Take one portion of the pastry dough and roll it out on a lightly floured surface until it’s large enough to cover the base of your pie dish.

  2. Fitting the base: Carefully lift the rolled-out pastry and gently press it into the base of the dish, ensuring it covers the bottom evenly.

  3. Crimping edges: Trim any excess dough hanging over the edges of the dish, then crimp the edges using your fingers or a fork to create a decorative finish.

With the pastry dough layered in the pie dish, you’re one step closer to enjoying a scrumptious Chicken and Ham Pie.

Fill With Meat

After layering the pastry dough in the pie dish, the next step is to generously fill it with a savory mixture of chicken and ham to create a flavorful and hearty filling. Start by placing chunks of cooked chicken and diced ham evenly over the pastry base, ensuring each bite is packed with meaty goodness. The combination of tender chicken and salty ham brings a depth of flavor that will tantalize your taste buds.

Season the filling with herbs and spices to elevate the taste profile even further. As you pile on the meats, envision the delicious outcome of this hearty pie, where every mouthful promises a burst of savory satisfaction. Embrace the process of creating this flavorful filling, knowing it will be the highlight of your meal.

Seal and Bake

To make sure a perfectly sealed and golden-brown crust, gently press the top pastry layer over the meat-filled base before baking. Here’s how you can seal and bake your chicken and ham pie:

  1. Use a fork to crimp the edges of the pastry together, creating a tight seal.
  2. Brush the top with an egg wash for a glossy finish.
  3. Make a few small slits on the pastry to allow steam to escape during baking, ensuring a crispy crust.

This baking technique not only seals in the delicious flavor combinations of chicken and ham but also helps create a beautiful and appetizing pie. Get ready to enjoy a mouthwatering meal that will satisfy your cravings for comfort food.

James Tanner Chicken and Ham Pie Recipe

Recipe by Heather SmithCourse: Main CourseCuisine: BritishDifficulty: Intermediate


Prep time


Cooking time





James Tanner's Chicken and Ham Pie is a comforting British classic. Tender chicken and savory ham are enveloped in a rich creamy sauce, all encased in buttery pastry.


  • Chicken

  • cream

  • chicken stock

  • flour

  • butter

  • ham


  • Cook chicken until tender, then shred. Cook ham until golden.
  • Make a roux with butter and flour, then add chicken stock and cream.
  • Stir in chicken and ham, season to taste, then let it cool slightly.
  • Fill a pie dish with the mixture, cover with pastry, and crimp edges.
  • Brush with egg wash, then bake until golden and bubbling.
  • Serve hot and enjoy the hearty flavors!

Baking to Golden Perfection

Achieving that perfect golden crust on your James Tanner Chicken and Ham Pie requires careful monitoring of the baking process. To make sure your pie’s crust is crispy and perfectly browned, preheat your oven to the temperature specified in the recipe. Place your pie in the center of the oven on a baking sheet to catch any drips and guarantee even cooking.

During baking, keep an eye on your pie. The crust should turn a beautiful golden brown color, indicating that it’s ready. If you notice the crust browning too quickly, tent it loosely with aluminum foil to prevent burning while the inside finishes cooking.

The aroma of the pie filling mingling with the buttery, golden crust will fill your kitchen, signaling that your James Tanner Chicken and Ham Pie is nearly done. Once the crust achieves that desired color and the filling is bubbling, carefully remove the pie from the oven and let it rest before slicing into it. This resting period allows the flavors to meld, ensuring a delicious dining experience.

Serving and Enjoying the Pie

When serving and enjoying the James Tanner Chicken and Ham Pie, make sure you allow it to cool slightly to avoid burning your mouth and to savor the flavors fully. Here’s how to make the most of this delicious dish:

  1. Pie Presentation: Serve the pie on a beautiful platter or individual plates. The golden crust should be glistening, and the aroma of the savory filling should entice your senses before you even take a bite.

  2. Taste Testing: Take a moment to appreciate the symphony of flavors in each mouthful. The tender chicken, smoky ham, and creamy sauce should meld together perfectly, creating a delightful experience for your taste buds.

  3. Pairing with Sides, Wine Suggestions: Consider serving the pie with a side of buttery mashed potatoes and steamed green beans to complement the richness of the dish. For wine, a crisp Chardonnay or a light Pinot Noir would be excellent choices to elevate the dining experience.

Enjoy every bite of this Chicken and Ham Pie, savoring the warmth and comfort it brings to your table.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can This Chicken and Ham Pie Be Made Ahead of Time and Frozen for Later Use?

Yes, you can definitely make this chicken and ham pie ahead of time and freeze it for later. Some freezing tips include wrapping it well to prevent freezer burn and reheating it thoroughly when ready to eat.

Is It Possible to Substitute the Ham in This Recipe With a Different Type of Meat?

Feeling adventurous with your meat choices? Switching up the ham in this recipe opens a world of possibilities. Try meat alternatives like turkey, bacon, or even a smoky sausage for unique flavor pairings that will surprise and delight.

Can I Use Store-Bought Pastry Dough Instead of Making It From Scratch?

Yes, you can use store-bought pastry dough instead of making it from scratch. It’s a convenient option that saves time and effort. Just confirm the pastry alternatives fit the pie dish and follow baking tips for a golden, flaky crust.

How Long Does It Take for the Pie to Cool Before Serving?

Once out of the oven, let the pie cool for about 15-20 minutes before serving. This time allows the flavors to meld and prevents scalding your taste buds. Reheating options vary, but presentation tips elevate enjoyment.

Are There Any Recommended Side Dishes to Serve With This Chicken and Ham Pie?

Looking for side dish options to complement your meal? Consider a fresh garden salad with a zesty vinaigrette, roasted vegetables drizzled with olive oil, or fluffy mashed potatoes. These cooking techniques will elevate your dining experience.

James Tanner Chicken and Ham Pie Recipe
James Tanner Chicken and Ham Pie Recipe


Immerse yourself in the comforting flavors of this James Tanner chicken and ham pie recipe.

With tender chicken, savory ham, and a creamy sauce all encased in a golden crust, this pie is a true culinary delight.

So why delay? Immerse yourself in a slice and let your taste buds dance with joy as you savor every bite of this mouth-watering creation.

It’s a recipe that truly takes the cake!

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