Pineapple Bacon Chicken Sausage Recipes

Pineapple Bacon Chicken Sausage Recipes

Are you ready to tantalize your taste buds with a mouthwatering combination of flavors? In this article, we’re diving into the world of one-pan dinners, starring succulent sausage, juicy pineapple, and the irresistible allure of bacon. Get ready to discover the magic of creating a delicious, hassle-free meal with our sausage and pineapple bacon one-pan dinner recipe. Whether you’re a seasoned food enthusiast or a busy weeknight cook looking for an easy-to-prepare dinner, this article is worth reading. Let’s get started!

Sausage and Pineapple: A Match Made in Food Heaven

Sausage and pineapple might not be the first duo that comes to mind, but trust us, it’s a match made in food heaven. The savory richness of sausage perfectly complements the sweet and tangy flavor of pineapple. Whether you opt for traditional pork sausage, chicken sausage, or even a smoky and savory sausage, you’re in for a treat.

Pineapple Bacon Chicken Sausage Recipes
Pineapple Bacon Chicken Sausage Recipes

The Ultimate One-Pan Dinner Recipe

The beauty of one-pan dinners lies in their simplicity. Imagine throwing all your ingredients onto a single baking sheet or skillet, roasting or grilling them to perfection, and ending up with a flavorful, easy-to-clean masterpiece. That’s the essence of this recipe. It’s perfect for those busy weeknights when you crave a delicious meal without the hassle.

Grilling vs. Roasting: Which Is Better?

One of the first decisions you’ll face when making this dish is whether to grill or roast your ingredients. Each method imparts a unique flavor profile to your meal. Grilling adds those coveted grill marks and a smoky flavor, while roasting allows for even cooking and caramelization. The choice is yours, and we’ll discuss both options in detail.

Bacon Sausage: A Flavor Explosion

What happens when you combine two beloved meats—bacon and sausage? You get a flavor explosion that’s hard to resist. Bacon sausage is the secret ingredient that takes this dish to the next level. We’ll delve into the world of bacon-infused sausage and explain why it’s a game-changer.

Pineapple Bacon Chicken Sausage Recipes

Recipe by Heather Smith


Prep time


Cooking time






  • 4 chicken sausages

  • 1 can (20 oz) of pineapple chunks

  • 8 slices of bacon

  • 2 tablespoons olive oil

  • 1 teaspoon garlic powder

  • Salt and pepper to taste


  • Preheat your oven to 375°F (190°C) and line a baking sheet with parchment paper for easy cleanup.
  • In a large skillet, cook the bacon slices over medium-high heat until they become crispy and golden brown. This should take about 5-7 minutes. Remove the bacon from the skillet and place it on a paper towel-lined plate to absorb excess grease. Once cooled, crumble the bacon into small pieces and set aside.
  • While the bacon is cooking, heat 2 tablespoons of olive oil in the same skillet over medium heat. Add the chicken sausages and cook them until they are browned on all sides, approximately 5-7 minutes. You don't need to cook them through at this stage; just ensure they are nicely seared.
  • Drain the pineapple chunks and reserve the juice for another use. Add the pineapple chunks to the skillet with the sausages. Season with 1 teaspoon of garlic powder, salt, and pepper to taste. Cook for an additional 2-3 minutes, allowing the pineapple to caramelize slightly and infuse the sausage with its sweetness.
  • Transfer the sausages and pineapple mixture to the prepared baking sheet, arranging them in a single layer. Sprinkle the crumbled bacon evenly over the top.
  • Place the baking sheet in the preheated oven and bake for 15-20 minutes or until the sausages are cooked through, and the flavors have melded together. You can check the sausages' internal temperature with a meat thermometer, which should read 165°F (74°C).
  • Once cooked, remove the Pineapple Bacon Chicken Sausages from the oven and let them rest for a few minutes before serving. This allows the flavors to settle and the sausages to retain their juiciness.
  • Serve your Pineapple Bacon Chicken Sausages hot, with your choice of side dishes, such as steamed vegetables, rice, or a simple salad.

Nutritional Content (per serving)

– Calories: Approximately 400 calories

– Protein: 18g

– Carbohydrates: 22g

– Fat: 28g

– Fiber: 2g

– Sugar: 17g

– Sodium: 700mg

Pineapple Bacon Chicken Sausage Recipes
Pineapple Bacon Chicken Sausage Recipes

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Can I use fresh pineapple instead of canned?

   – Yes, you can use fresh pineapple if you prefer. Simply peel and dice the pineapple into chunks and follow the recipe as directed.

2. What can I substitute for chicken sausages?

   – You can substitute chicken sausages with pork sausages, turkey sausages, or even vegetarian sausages, depending on your dietary preferences.

3. Is it necessary to use bacon?

   – While bacon adds a smoky and savory element to the dish, you can omit it if you prefer a lighter version. Alternatively, you can use turkey bacon or a vegetarian bacon substitute.

4. What sides go well with this dish?

   – This dish pairs well with a variety of sides, including rice, quinoa, steamed vegetables, or a simple green salad. Feel free to customize your meal according to your preferences.

5. Can I make this recipe ahead of time?

   – While the dish is best enjoyed fresh, you can prepare the components separately and assemble them just before serving. This can help save time and make it a convenient option for busy evenings.

Can I Use the Zankou Chicken Marinade Recipe for Pineapple Bacon Chicken Sausage?

Yes, you can utilize the Zankou Chicken Marinade Recipe for Pineapple Bacon Chicken Sausage. By following the original recipe and incorporating the specific zankou chicken marinade ingredients, you can infuse the sausage with a delightful blend of flavors.


In this article, we’ve embarked on a flavorful adventure through the world of one-pan dinners, featuring the dynamic duo of sausage and pineapple bacon. Whether you’re grilling or roasting, experimenting with sides, or adding a touch of glaze, this recipe offers endless possibilities for a delicious meal. So, the next time you’re in the mood for a quick and easy dinner that’s packed with flavor, remember to whip up our sausage and pineapple bacon one-pan dinner. Your taste buds will thank you!

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